I. Pledge of Allegiance - Moment of Silence - Roll Call
1. Mayors Statement
2. Moment of Silence
3. Roll Call
4. Also Present:
II. Open Public Meeting Statement
III. Public Portion
1. open the meeting for public comments
2. Public Comments
3. close the public portion
IV. Discussions
1. NCH Corporation Remediation - Request for Right of Entry
2. ORD-2017-21 : Amending and Supplementing the South Brunswick Township Code to Require the Maintenance, Care And/Or Removal of Dead, Dying, Damaged And/Or Diseased Trees
3. ORD-2017-32 : Amending and Supplementing Chapter 122, Article IV, Towing
V. Discretionary Items
VI. Manager's Reports
VII. Consent Agenda
1. RES-2017-317 : Authorizing a Renewal of a Shared Services Agreement with the Board of Fire Commissioners District #2
VIII. Executive Session Resolution
1. RES-2017-314 : Authorizing a Closed Session at the September 5, 2017 Work Session
IX. Adjournment