Town of South Brunswick
New Jersey


Authorizing the Refund of Property Taxes Overpaid Due to Successful State Tax Appeals


Department:Tax CollectorSponsors:Deputy Mayor Charlie Carley


              WHEREAS, the property taxes on the below listed properties have  been paid as billed for the tax year listed, and;


              WHEREAS, there exists an overpayment due to successful state tax appeals on the listed properties, and;


              WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Township Council of the Township of South Brunswick to refund the overpayment as soon as possible as follows:



                                                                                                                              Date of

Block/                            Lot               Owner/Address                                          Year    Judgment       Amount


82                            2.12              STP Co. III, L.P.                                          2014              5-8-17                            $21,325.14

                                          c/o Michael A. Vespasiano                            2013              5-8-17                                5,275.01

                                          331 Main Street                                          2012              5-8-17                              23,400.38

                                          Chatham, NJ 07928                                         

                                          Prop Loc: 4250 US Route #1                                          Total                            $50,000.53



                                                                                                                Total Refunded               $50,000.53


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED on this 22nd day of August, 2017, by the Township Council of the Township of South Brunswick, the County of Middlesex, State of New Jersey, that the Township Treasurer is hereby authorized to draw refund checks and forward said checks along with a certified copy of this resolution with check numbers noted, to the Tax Collector for entry and forwarding.



Meeting History

Aug 22, 2017 7:30 PM  Township Council Regular Meeting
MOVER:Joseph Camarota, Councilman
SECONDER:Josephine "Jo" Hochman, Councilwoman
AYES:Ken Bierman, Joseph Camarota, Charlie Carley, Josephine "Jo" Hochman
ABSENT:Chris Killmurray